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Brilliance of the Seas / Beaux Esprits released!

Our début single has just been released on Deathbomb Arc as part of the labels 2012 singles club.

We chose to release “Brilliance of the Seas” and “Beaux Esprits”, and the single has digital cover art by Isaac Hicks.

$10 will get you membership, which means both of our amazing new songs plus at least 50 others from various awesome bands such as R Stevie More and AIDS Wolf.

Go here to sign up! (Yes, you do get the ones you’ve already missed)

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Heavy sessions at the weekend

Well, what a fantastic weekend that was.

On Saturday we got to do a live radio session for The Waiting Room, which should see it’s way onto 6 different stations no less. So, there’s no excuse for missing us. The day was fun, and involved tea, sandwiches and ALMOST FALLING APART AT THE SEAMS LIVING LOUD HOOKSPLOSIONS OF PURE POP WONDER.

By which I mean shonkily played live versions of our latest songs. Including both songs from our new single, set to be released by Deathbomb Arc on thier singles club this month </SALESPITCH>.

There was also an interview in which I waffled forever whilst vaguely making some sort of point and Rosie chipped in succinctly with information which was actually relevant.

With any luck, Chris will have performed a digression-defying act of uber-editing and made us both sound clever.

On Saturday night, Mr Adam Walton, Wales’ finest and I think longest-serving player of mostly Wales-based new bands saw fit to slip ‘Beaux Esprits’ into his playlist; that’s the b-side from our upcoming (and already mentioned) single.

Then, on Sunday, we went to the amply supplied* abode of Jack from NVR ON RPT blog, who had us over for a live lounge session. That’s ‘live, lounge session’ and not ‘live lounge session’, by the way, else the BBC will get all unreasonable about it.

Anyway, this one was acoustic (in as much as we get acoustic), and also included an interview, the succinctness and clever-soundingness of which you can ponder at your leisure after it goes up on the website, which ought to be soon.

So, to recap; amazing sessions, single out soon, bit of radio play, please send us a postcard sometime, let us know how you’re doing.


*with coffee and lovely biscuits

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Look Out Below

A little while back, we hinted at some awesome news, which we would be letting you in on shortly.

Well, here it is. We have been asked to be a part of the new DEATHBOMB ARC singles club for 2012, which will feature 2 brand new songs from us.

This is clearly amazing. Here’s how it works - $10 gets you 2 new songs from a different band every other week with a bunch of extras thrown in over the course of a year, and each release will have animated artwork from Isaac Hicks

You can sign up anytime and still get all the music, and $10 barely gets you a sandwich and a coffee these days. 

So, to recap:

Sandwich + coffee = good

Deathbomb Arc singles club = better.